Driver Leasing and Management

We're here to make sure your business doesn't skip a beat with Driver Leasing and Management.

Elite HR Logistics – Partners with top companies to provide every day goods to a growing list of consumers.

We are empowering companies to Grow with Great People!

We live in a growing economy with many demands.

The highest in-demand is products that we need and want right now.

Delivering seven days a week is not uncommon anymore and only a great team, working together, can get the job done. We are the people loading the trucks, dispatching the loads to our drivers, and delivering it to your door.

Don’t trust your staffing requirements to a company that doesn’t value your industry. Elite HR Logistics specializes in Transportation and Logistics. We understand what it takes for your business to run smoothly and efficiently. We handle the advertising, recruiting, and screening for you. We present you with quality candidates who are ready to work and contribute to the success of your operation. Whether it’s commercial drivers for delivery routes, short or long haul, shuttle or even warehouse personnel, we’ll find the right employee for you!

Our employees are hardworking and driven to succeed. In fact, many of our employees started as commercial drivers or warehouse staff and have moved up to managing a distribution center.

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking & Industrial Staffing

Drivers Are Ready To Hit The Road.
Elite HR handles all off-site employee management including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, dispatch, benefits and payroll. We complete background and MVR checks, facilitate drug testing and establish medical clearance. Elite HR Logistics – managers know the laws and documents required per Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Drivers are DOT certified and before a driver starts or leaves your terminal, you will receive DQ file. Dispatched drivers will remain on Elite HR’s payroll until an agreed upon driver conversion time or early hire has been requested. The customer is under no obligation to convert a driver.

Our goal is to have you hire only the best.

Elite HR Logistics – Lease to Hire Solutions.

This program allows your company to “test drive” an employee. You have the advantage of reviewing an employee’s performance before making a hiring decision.

In addition, we provide dedicated personnel in an ever demanding economy and assist them with finding gainful employment in 7 states. We support both sides of the Transportation and Manufacturing Industry by maximizing client profits and meeting their needs. We provide the best candidates, top notch dispatching, and execute loading, hauling and delivering!

Temp to hire, industrial employees, mechanics, welders, dispatchers and general labor.

Our desire is to achieve the unachievable and always offer the best service to our customers.