Driver Leasing and Management

Keep Your Business Operations Running Smoothly

• Flexible Hiring and Staffing Solutions •

Working Together To Deliver

We live in a growing economy with a high demand for shipped goods 365 days a year. Our nation’s supply chain is a large and complex network with many moving parts. You need a staffing company that is familiar with your industry inside and out if you want your operations to run smoothly. Elite HR Logistics understands the importance of the work you do and what it takes to run a successful business.

Investing In The Future

We are here to help you build a strong workforce with a fast turnaround and limited turnover. Our convenient and comprehensive hiring process saves you time, money, and resources, with immediate and long-term value in productivity and profitability.

Our team members stay up-to-date with the evolving media and marketplace to develop innovative recruiting initiatives that attract exceptional talent. While we’re busy advertising, recruiting, screening, and vetting quality applicants, you can continue to focus on your business without skipping a beat.

Elite HR presents qualified candidates who are passionate about their work, eager to contribute, driven to succeed, and ready to grow with your company. Whatever your specifications are, we’ll find the right employee for you.

Trucking & Industrial Staffing

Whether you require commercial, short-haul, long-haul, or shuttle; our drivers are ready to hit the road. Elite HR handles all off-site employee management, including recruiting, hiring, dispatch, benefits, payroll, and more.

Elite HR managers strictly adhere to the laws and documentation required per Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. All of our drivers are DOT certified, and their DQ files will be provided before they leave your terminal. In addition, Elite HR handles MVR and background checks, drug testing, and medical clearance.

Dispatched drivers will remain on Elite HR’s payroll until an agreed upon driver conversion time or early hire has been requested. As a customer, you are under no obligation to convert a driver if you do not wish to. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Lease To Hire Solutions

Elite HR supports both sides of the transportation and manufacturing industry with pride and precision. Our lease to hire solutions will influence the success of your business in a number of helpful ways. Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Access to an amazing talent network and improved service.
  • Qualified candidates filling open positions in a timely fashion.
  • Building a flexible workforce around your evolving needs. 
  • Reducing your administrative costs and responsibilities.
  • A variety of hiring options without any obligations.
  • Hiring the best employees to join your team.

It is our responsibility to provide you with the finest candidates available in a demanding economy. When you need temp-to-hire industrial employees, our hands-on service and industry expertise will fulfill your every need!