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ELITE employees are held to a higher standard than the acceptable norm, we make sure our clients get the safest and most reliable hires.

What we do

Elite HR Logistics delivers the experience your company requires when outsourcing your employment needs.

Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

Servicing All Areas of Logistics from Loading the freight to dispatching the Trucks. We handle Loaders, Forklift Operators, Welders, Accounting clerks to assist you in keeping the Freight Moving.

Trucks Bring it! – It takes a group to make it happen Fast and Safe!

Elite HR Logistics – Here to help you!

  • Safe 100%
  • Flexible 100%
  • Gets the Job Done! 100%

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing Drivers Are Ready To Hit The Road.

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing advertises, recruits and qualifies drivers and all other light industrial employees. Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing managers  know all aspects of DOT files, as per Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. All drivers are DOT certified and files are available for your review. Elite HR handles all off-site employee management including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, dispatch, benefits and payroll. We complete background and MVR checks, facilitate drug testing and establish medical clearance. Dispatched drivers remain on Elite HR’s payroll until an agreed upon driver conversion time. The customer is under no obligation to convert a driver and may request a replacement driver from Elite HR at any time.

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing Offers Lease to Hire Solutions.

This program allows your company to “test drive” an employee candidate before making them full time. You have the advantage of checking a driver’s performance before making an employment decision.

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing Can Serve As Your Transportation Department.

Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing can take over or just manage your existing group of drivers and lease them back to you. We manage and dispatch the drivers and handle all related driver administration and maintenance. Your company will not have any tax, payroll, workers compensation or benefits responsibilities. Drivers work for you under your direction and schedule – – and Elite HR Logistics – Trucking Industry Staffing handles the rest.

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