ELITE HR loves to give back to the Community!

Elite HR Logistics works with numerous local non-profit groups who are consistently giving back to our community. Our main focus is to give the children of our community our extra attention now so they can be the building blocks of our future. We thoroughly enjoy giving back to the children, especially during times of need. Elite HR Logistics has participated in many great charity events, with some of our favorites being the following:

The Sacramento Children’s Home we have supported since 2002. With over 15 years of partnership we have been able to provide Thanksgiving dinners to the entire home, ensuring all children and family members are fed a proper Thanksgiving dinner. We have also donated bikes and helmets to all children ages 11-17 so the kids can endure in outdoor leisure activities on a daily basis. Elite has also worked with the Children’s home to supply full bedding and pillows to the entire household, bringing simple pleasures of comfort to all the kids of every age group.

During the Holidays, Elite HR Logistics also partners with USPS to fulfill the “Dear Santa” letters requests. We have been participating in this event since 2007. Children under the age of 12 write to Santa with their Holiday wishes and we select up for five children to make wishes come true. We also select five Secret Santa gifts for the children at the Sacramento Children’s Home. We are always looking for new ways to help our Sacramento families and ensure the holidays are a time to give back to those in need.

Elite HR Logistics joined the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and has been participating in Scholarship events to send selected graduating high school students to college! This membership has shown so much support to the members of the LGBTQ community who may not have the support at home to get them to the next stage of their academic level. With the Chamber of Commerce’s guidance and event planning we have been able to donate funds and participate in charity events across the board.

The California Trucking Association is one of our longest active memberships involved since 2002.  Every year the California Trucking Association hosts a California Trucking Competition, which brings awareness to California Drivers and helps to keep our roads safe.

Our Elite team participates every year and brings a booth full of information about safe driving and what all drivers can do to get involved! We award our drivers and work together as a team to keep our roads safe for everyone on them.