2022 California Truck Driving Championships
Northern Regional Competition & State Finals

May 21 – May 22, 2022
May 21 – Northern Competition
May 22 – State Finals

FedEx Freight
4075 Channel Dr.
West Sacramento, CA 95691


All drivers must sign-in between 6-7am. No sign-ins will be allowed after 7am. 

NO EXCEPTIONS!  A course walk-through will begin at 7:30am. Competition begins by 8am.


All drivers must sign-in between 7-8am. No sign-ins will be allowed after 8am.  Competition begins by 9am.

 Drivers may only compete in one regional state competition.



  1. Driver must have been employed as a truck driver by a motor carrier who maintains a terminal in the State of California for twelve (12) consecutive months preceding the date of the TDC.
  2. Drivers must have an accident-free driving record for at least 12 months prior to entry and participation in the California Truck Driving Championships (see #7 from front page for more information).
  3. No person shall operate any vehicle or combination of vehicles without possessing a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) of the proper class and with the endorsements necessary for the type of vehicle being operated.
  4. There shall be no stopping on the course except when preparing to back or when stopped by an official.  While negotiating a problem, the driver shall stop when necessary to prevent damage to equipment; each stop will result in a five-point penalty loss.
  5. In case of tie scores, the Regional Chair and Course Capitan will create a tie breaker by rating course problems by difficulty before competition begins. A numbering system will be used to rank from most difficult to least difficult. The Driver’s score will be compared sequentially until one driver scores higher.
  6. A driver will be eliminated if he/she takes in excess of ten minutes to complete all problems on the course.
  7. Contestants who back a combination of vehicles consisting of a tractor and twin trailer (doubles) are automatically disqualified.
  8. Contestants who damage course equipment (other than paint damage) will be disqualified from the event.  Damaging equipment includes such things as clutches, parking brakes, body and fender damage.
  9. Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind will not be allowed in the contest or parking area.  Any participant using or found to be in possession of such items will be automatically disqualified from participation in the Regional, State Final or National competitions.
  10. Failure of any contestant to obey a contest official will be grounds for disqualification.
  11. Electronic devices are prohibited on the course.
  12. Participating companies must provide 1 judge for every 10 drivers they have registered to compete.



Each driver competing in the State Finals competition will be required to take a written examination.  The examination will be developed from information contained in the Facts for Drivers handbook.

Personal interviews have been discontinued by ATA at the national competition; therefore, we will no longer conduct them.

 We will be using officers from the California Highway Patrol and/or safety professionals for our Pre-Trip competition. Drivers will not be judged by representatives from their own company.



 The California Truck Driving Championships are a family affair, but please – No pets, bicycles, scooters or skateboards.