The Elite Standard

Whether ELITE HR employees are on temporary assignment or temporary to permanent assignment, they are all held to the same standards of excellence that we have continued to honor over the years.

We put our employees through preventative safety training and provide them with continuous training of any DOT regulations or OSHA requirements while they are employed.

Warehouse, Clerical and Industrial Specifications:

  • 1 year minimum experience
  • Extensive background check
  • Drug  screen required
  • Verified solid work history
  • Safety training required
  • Successful Integrity Testing


Our Class A and B Specifications

  • 2 years minimum recent experience
  • Extensive background check
  • DOT Drug Test +Random Program
  • Clean DMV –no more than 2 points
  • Verified (10 year) work history
  • Must pass safety training
  • Successful Integrity Testing